Custom Abutment

A custom abutment is the piece of the implant that extends above the gum and that the crown (your real looking artificial tooth) will be attached to.  There are essentially three types of general abutments in dentistry: bridge abutments, partial denture abutments and implant abutments. 

Partial Denture Abutments

This type of abutment can utilize a vast array of supportive elements, including healthy teeth, plastic, metal, and even the soft tissues of the gums themselves.

The extent to which supports are used depends on the number of healthy teeth remaining in the mouth.

Bridge Abutments

With a bridge abutment, the two healthy teeth on the opposing ends of the area requiring the bridge are trimmed slightly to accommodate the prosthetic bridge and act as the support (abutment) for the bridge itself.

Implant Abutments

Implant abutments are conical-shaped, and are screwed into a dental implant integrated into the jawbone.